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Advantages of Banting Diet, Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer PreventionCancer as a disease strikes terror in everyone, but breast cancer is the most feared amongst women. It results in over 500 000 deaths a year in the United States, which is around 10% of all cancer related deaths. The United States has the highest incidents of this cancer than any other country. This shows it is a lifestyle disease. The Banting Diet or Banting Lifestyle can help with breast cancer prevention

Being a mainly lifestyle disease breast cancer is preventable. Some cancers maybe hereditary but breast cancer is no listed as one of them. The poor lifestyle choices of modern living is driving this disease. The main factors are, obesity, poor microbiome, poor diet and no exercise.

The cancer starts in the lining of the milk ducts.Breast Cancer Prevention Self Diagnosis

Self examination is the most important tool in the fight against this disease. Most cancers are discovered by the patient. Early detection, like with all cancers is vital. The earlier the detection the greater the chance of survival. Treatment is usually surgery, chemotherapy and radiation followed by hormone therapy.

As the women get older the risk of this cancer increases. So good lifestyle habits at an early age are essential. Only 5% of sufferers are under the age of 40.

The worst habits are

  1. excessive alcohol
  2. smoking
  3. obesity
  4. lack of exercise

Lets evaluate each of these habits.

Of all the habits alcohol is the lowest risk, about 8% for two units a day. It does, however, increases the more you drink.

Smoking is a massive risk factor, this includes secondary smoke. Exposure to secondary smoke in pre-menopausal women increases the risk by an amazing 70%.

Obesity is another big factor that increases proportionally with increase in weight. A gain of 9kg or 22lbs increases the the risk by 18%.

A lack of exercise goes hand in hand with obesity. Exercise also increases blood flow and oxygenation of the body and boosting the immune system

Mushrooms and green tea reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 90%. A study of 2000 women who ate mushrooms regularly had a 50% reduction in the cancer risk. The addition of green tea further reduced the risk.

Vegetables especially brassicas, incuding broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts, also reduce the risk by 42%. One and a half servings a day is recommended. The more of these vegetables the lower the risk.

The Banting Lifestyle has been further updated to take these findings into consideration. We cannot help you with the smoking risk factor but we can with the rest.

Banting Diet Weight Loss Pitfalls, Artificial Sweeteners

This is a bit of a controversial subject, weight loss pitfalls artificial sweeteners. The facts however are beyond doubt, at least for me.

We do not know all the effects our actions cause, particularly regarding our bodies. Every action results in some reaction and often in the most unusual and unexpected ways. Weight loss pitfalls, artificial sweeteners is one of them. Another is the effects of antioxidants, but that is for another post.

There has always been a question of artificial sweeteners being partly responsible for the obesity epidemic.

Professor Noakes in the ‘Real Meal Revolution’ encourages the use of artificial sweeteners. I have always had doubts about them

Initially I was concerned about aspartane and it’s link to cancer. This has been disproved but the lingering doubts remained. It did not seem to be too intelligent to add foreign chemicals to your body.

This doubt has now been confirmed. In the Scientific American (April 2015) there is an article on this very subject.

It includes my other favourite topic, the human microbiota, the microbes (bacteria and fungi living mainly in the large intestine). These microbes are responsible for the metabolism of food, breaking it down and allowing us to absorb it.

Israeli scientist have discovered that the gut microbiota is altered by the use of sweeteners. There are two broad class of bacteria in the gut (see at the end of the article for the names). One class promotes obesity if the is an abundance of them in the gut. There needs to be a balance between the two in order for there to be a normal weight.

The obesity bacteria are more efficient at extracting energy from foods and they trigger our genes that cause us to store the fats instead of breaking it down for energy. It is believed that these bacteria shape our eating patterns by altering our hormones, leptin, that are released when we have eaten enough.Weight loss pitfalls artificial sweeteners gut microbiota

The sweeteners change the balance of the two classes of bacteria, increasing the obesity bacteria. This leads to an increase in the carbohydrate uptake, increasing blood glucose, increasing insulin resistance as the cells try to protect themselves from too much insulin. There is also an increase in the conversion and storage as fats.

So although it may seem that artificial sweeteners are the holy grail of taste and weight loss, they are in fact the complete opposite.

My recommendation is ban all artificial sweeteners of all types from your Banting Diet. Try to have no sugar if you can. If you can’t substitute honey for sugar where ever possible. If that is not possible rather have sugar, brown preferably. It was shown in the experiment that mice fed on sugar were thinner than the mice fed on the sweeteners.

Protect your microbiome by eating correctly, Banting Diet/Lifestyle, and exercising. Get out in the open as much as possible. Do not use anti-biotic soaps, do not take anti-biotics unless absolutely necessary, anti-biotic for cold and flu is a waste of time. Think carefully before taking them. Make sure you take a good pro-biotic one hour after taking an antibiotic.

The two classes of bacteria are Bacteriodes and Firmicutes (obesity promoting). As people lose weight the balance between these changes with Bacteriodes increasing.


Weight loss pitfalls artificial sweeteners bacteriodesWeight loss pitfalls artificial sweeteners firmicutes

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