A review of The Real Meal Revolution

From the outset of this review of “The Real Meal Revolution” let me state my position on a couple of things.

  1. I was a big fan of Tim Noakes
  2. I think replacing carbohydrate with fats as an energy source is a good idea.

This is a summary of my review of the book “The Real Meal Revolution” by Tim Noakes et al

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This book is a marketing tool, it is not a book with any other credibility. I was expecting something a lot different from a “man of science”. My faith in Professor Noakes is deeply shaken. The facts have been twisted and massaged to fit into a story for the authors. There are so many errors in facts and logic that I wonder if Professor Noakes even proof read the book.

The three main parts of a marketing plan are in place here.
1. A believable back story, not necessary true, just believable. ( The Mossel Bay Man )
2. A hero or face of the marketing campaign. ( The ‘nutty professor’ )
3. Controversy. ( Cholesterol )

It has worked for them. They have sold over a 100 000 copies I believe.

Half truths and twisted facts are the order of the day in this book. It has been reduced to a common cookbook, nothing more. Take the story and the ‘facts’ with a pinch of salt.

The really sad thing is that the concept has stood the test of time. Banting first published his ‘weight loss pamphlet’ in 1863 over 150 years. There is no need to ‘edit’ the facts except to create the controversy required to sell the book. Noakes also plays victim and hero very well. The victim being attacked by conventional medicine and the hero saving the world from obesity.

As I said before using fats instead of carbohydrates for energy is a good idea. See the Science behind the Banting Lifestyle. It has been around for more than a 150 years and has been the base for many other diets such as Atkins and Paleo diets.

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