A review of The Real Meal Revolution Part 2

bad-cholesterolThis is the second part of my review The Real Meal Revolution part 2. I am making it as detailed as possible.

On page 21 the author refers to a study by Ancel Keys in 1955, which according to the¬†author, erroneously highlighted the effects of fat on cholesterol. I have not read that study so I cannot comment directly on that statement. However I have read an article in my favourite magazine, Scientific American, called ‘The Cholesterol Conundrum‘, November 2011 by Francie Diep. This article discussed 2 studies, one in 2008 and the other in 2011. These both showed that cholesterol Scientific American, called 'The Cholesterol Conundrum', November 2011levels and heart disease are not directly linked. The 2008 study showed that lowering the LDL (bad cholesterol) did not always decrease the heart attack and the 2011 showed that increasing the HDL (good cholesterol) also did the same.

In 2011 the US doctors wrote 250 million scripts for cholesterol lowering drugs, an $18.5 billion industry. So I can understand the pressure from the medical profession and drug companies to keep this alive.

In another article I read, which compared 3 types of cholesterol altering medication, 2 for lowering LDL and 1 for raising HDL, the study showed that 2 of the 3 drugs had no effect on the final length of life of the patient, ie they a died at around the same time as the rest of the population. The 3rd drug, a statin, increased the life of the patient by 10%, but this was attributed to the anti-inflammatory effect it has on the blood vessel walls.

These articles show me that cholesterol is probably not the evil that it is made out to be. So I agree with Prof Noakes and the other authors.

As a personal story I had a male customer talk to me about the Banting Diet. He was over weight and on all sorts of medication, couple of blood pressure tablets, cholesterol tabs, diabetes tablets. After going on the diet, he lost 17kg and is now just on one blood pressure tablet. He was very concerned when he first started about his cholesterol, but his doctor has now taken him off everything except one blood pressure tablet.

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