A review of The Real Meal Revolution Conclusion

This is the last of the reviews of The Real Meal Revolution, conclusion by  T. Noakes et al

A good marketing plan has to have 3 main parts

  1. A believable back story, not necessary true, just believable.
  2. A hero or face of the marketing campaign.
  3. Controversy.

This book has a fantastic marketing plan behind it. It has the back story, not 100% accurate, but believable. It has the hero, the nutty professor Tim Noakes. And it has Controversy! Cholesterol and eating animal fats!

I have to admire them for that. The book has sold over 100 000 I think, so that is a good profit. They are now offering a program, very expensive almost R3000.00, to extend their line.

The book, for me, was something of a disappointment. The inaccuracies and massaged facts are not acceptable practice.

If you want to buy the book as a cookbook, then that is great. The recipes are excellent. Take the story with a pinch of salt.

A couple of comments.
The authors speak of top athletes before the 1960’s. They all ate meats with fat and had little carbohydrates. There is a quote about eating bread and potatoes. Why would anyone compare what an athlete did prior to the 1960’s? All their world records have been broken by modern athletes eating a totally different diet. Not that diet is the only factor contributing to this.

Please remember Insulin Resistance (IR) does not make you fat. You become Insulin Resistant when you get fat! This is a very important distinction. The first is an excuse, the second takes responsibility. If you want to live a healthy life you have to take responsibility for it.insulin resistance

The cholesterol conundrum is still under review. I have a document from the Harvard Medical School that I am reading at the moment. I have a number of other sources as well that I am looking into.

What are your 2 most important questions you have about the Banting lifestyle? Please email them to me neil@bantingdiet.org.

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