A review of The Real Meal Revolution (Cholesterol) Part 4

Continuing our review of The Real Meal Revolution, cholesterol issue.

In the book and other posts on the Internet, Noakes and his co-authors refer to the cholesterol question. They always say that science has proven that cholesterol and heart conditions are not linked. In one place it is said that cholesterol is packed against the blood vessel walls to stop inflammation caused by glucose. That is a little strange. The modern view is that excess glucose in the blood causes inflammation of the blood vessels walls which then cause the cholesterol,  packed against the blood vessels walls, to break away and form a floating clot or embolism

I am not saying Noakes is wrong about cholesterol or that he is right. I wish he and his co-authors will reference the studies so we can read them ourselves. They must be independent studies and not one he carried out himself.cholesterol-levels-chart

What we must remember is that the prescription industry on cholesterol lowering drugs is a $18 billion industry in the US alone and so I’m sure the drug companies are not about to rush out and kill that golden goose.

I am also very sceptical of research paid for by drug companies, as there is a financial incentive to find what they want to. There is a very enlightening article in my favourite magazine, Scientific American, on this topic.

This is an extract of an email I received from the Harvard Medical School
‘There are several steps you can take to lower your cholesterol level, like losing weight if needed, being more active, and choosing healthy foods. Here are three simple steps toward a healthier, cholesterol-lowering diet:

Choose healthy fats. Avoid saturated fats, which increase unhealthy LDL levels, and steer clear of trans fats, which both raise LDL and lower protective HDL. Instead, substitute healthier unsaturated fats, found in fish, nuts, and vegetable oils.’

A direct contradiction of Noakes and company. So you can make up your own mind.

My opinion is that cholesterol is not as big a problem as the drug companies would have us believe. I do not watch the fats that I eat except for trans-fats. However, I do believe in moderation, and I do believe in exercise. It has been shown that exercise reduces your cholesterol levels as well as a host of other good things.

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