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Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, 5 Weight Loss Teas

Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies 5 Weight Loss Teas complements our main lifestyle plan. These are additions to the Banting Lifestyle just to add that bit extra.

A steaming cup of herbal tea is the perfect drink. Certain teas are also effective at speeding up your diet plan and help your rapid weight loss goals.

1. Oolong Tea Fat melting
Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies 5 Weight Loss Teas - oolong tea
This is Chinese tea, it has an amazing effect of metabolising fats due to an ingredient called catechins. A trial in China showed participants losing weight through regular use of the tea. The average weight loss was about half a kilogram a week. I’m sure that most of us would be happy with that. Oolong is Chinese for black dragon. Another benefit is it’s calming effect. So a must for most women. A cup a day keeps the fat away. The next tea is more well known.

2. Green tea, reported to increase your metabolism.Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies 5 Weight Loss Teas - green tea
This is recommended before a workout. Of the two groups doing the same workout, intensity etc, the group taking the green tea just prior to the workout lost a measurable amount more then the control group. Again it was our friendly catechins that did the trick. They are believed to increase the release of fats making them available for energy use, hence the need to drink this just prior to an exercise workout. It also affects the liver improving its breakdown of fats into energy. I am going to try it just before a run. Maybe a good thing to try on longer runs to make more energy available from the bodies fats.

3. White tea (all of the colours of the rainbow) to block fat cell formation.Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies 5 Weight Loss Teas - white tea
The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism published a study showing white tea blocking the formation of fat cells, adipogenesis, as well boosting the metabolism of fats, lipolysis. A magic tea, Getafix got it right. White tea gets its name from the results of the process to create it. It is dried in the sun, only natural processes, which leaves the tea leaves a lot paler and bleached the the other mechanically processed teas.

4. Mint tea, the appetite suppressant.
Mint tea relies on the ability of certain smells to reduce your appetite. So when using this tea make sure you sniff it a lot as well as drinking it. The action is via the olfactory organ, a fancy term for the nose.Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies 5 Weight Loss Teas - mint tea An added benefit is when drinking it, particularly after a meal it has a soothing effect on the stomach. It can be used to prevent mild heartburn and indigestion as well. Add the smell of mint to your environment will reduce your desire to eat. Burn a mint candle would be a great way to get a refreshing slimming odour into your house.

5. Rooibos tea, one of South Africa’s most important exports, also reduces hunger.
Unlike the previous tea this has a more direct effect, it’s ingredients reduce the stress hormones. Stress trigger hunger and fat storage in the long term. So reducing these hormones will obviously make you less hungry and less likely to add extra weight. It’s magic ingredient is the flavanoid called Aspalathin, and is unique to rooibos, which is unique to South Africa,Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies 5 Weight Loss Teas - rooibos tea in the Cape, Cederberg region. This won’t get you to lose weight but it will prevent you from putting on weight.

So of the five teas, Mint and Rooibos teas will suppress your appetite, you won’t eat too much but you won’t actively lose weight. Oolong, green and white teas will help you actively lose weight, with white tea being the most effective.

So drink white tea and drink yourself skinny.

Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, The Bodies Natural Rhythms

The mechanism that governs our bodies natural rhythms is called the circadian clock. Every living organism on this planet has one, from the most primitive to the most complex.

CyanobacteriumThe most primitive living organism on the earth is the Cyanobacterium, single celled blue-green algae. They obtain energy from the sun using photosynthesis. Just before sunrise it’s internal clock primes the algae to get ready for the day, allowing it to harvest sunlight as soon as the sun starts to shine. This gives it an advantage over an organism that waits for the sun to shine before getting ready.

We of course have evolved a little from the single celled organism, I sometimes wonder though. I, along with many others, thought there was only a single circadian clock located in the brain. This then controlled all the body rhythms according to sunlight and the seasons. Thinking back now, it does seem too simple a solution.

The truth of the matter is that there are clocks throughout the body in all the various organs. For us, Banting and weight loss people, the clocks we aBodies natural rhythms - circadian clocksre interested in are located in the liver, the pancreas and the adipose (fat) tissue.

Something I had heard others say, but never worried about, was when to eat. “Don’t eat at night”, “Have your main meal at lunch” etc. It seems they were correct even though they had no idea why.

It has to do with the timing, ha ha, of the release of various hormones to make use of the food, energy, intake. What this means is, the body may not be in the state to use the food correctly. It may be in a resting state and thus any food intake will be converted to fats and stored instead of being used for daily living.

So what we want to do is to eat at a time when the body is most active and will use the food for the daily running of it’s various functions. We do not want to store the food, obviously.

Optimal times to eat would be to have your main meal before 3pm. For most of us working this is a bit of a problem. I am not sure how they do it in Spain, where the main meal is around midday. I have more of a problem as I fetch my son from school and drop him at home at 3pm. So my lunch hour is spent driving.

 So the only way to do this is to take a big lunch to work and have a small meal as soon as you can when you get home.Bodies Natural Rhythms Biological clock

Once again, please do no use this as an excuse for not losing weight. “My circadian clock is out, that is why I’m overweight”. As always we are responsible for what we eat and when we eat. Take control of your life by taking responsibility for everything you do.


Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, NEAT

This is a really neat Diet Weight Loss Strategies, NEAT. How to increase your energy output without going to the gym.

Weight loss strategies, NEAT Not

This is not the way

Successful weight loss requires sustainable changes to your lifestyle which is what we advocate in the Banting Diet or Banting Lifestyle. The concept of NEAT, Non-Exercise Activity Thermodynamics, is one of the ways to achieve this without too much perceived effort. In reality there is a fairly large increase in energy output but it is spread out over the day and you are not conscious of it.

If we break down the concept

  • Non-Exercise Activity – not actively doing any exercise, such as going to gym or running etc. It is the exercise we do in living our daily lives.
  • Thermodynamics – is energy output and input.

So we are trying to increase our energy output by changing small things in our daily lives. This is a very powerful concept that can make a huge difference in our lives, not only in weight loss but also in our overall health.

Weight loss strategies, NEATThere is always that one person we know, no matter what they eat they never put on weight. These people have listen to their bodies and instinctively do things to increase their NEAT.

To increase out NEAT we have to be aware of our choices. Examine your everyday life, and see what you can do to increase your energy output. Some examples areWeight loss strategies, NEAT

  • Never take the elevator, always take the stairs.
  • Park at the far end of the parking lot and walk to the shops
  • Carry your own parcels, try not to use a trolley
  • Walk to a colleges desk to discuss something rather than email
  • Stand as often as possible, try not to sit. An example would be when in a queue stand don’t sit if there are chairs rather stand.

The most important thing to do is to move as much as possible, walk every where, walk with purpose don’t amble, stand whenever you can.


Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, Sleep

This is an interesting weight loss strategies, sleep. It is very seldom mentioned in any diet book, but is absolutely essential.

Sleep is amazingly important in our life and we often do not get enough. In this modern world of electricity, television, computers and mobile phones, there is too much light and this disrupts our sleep patterns.

If you were not stay awake for a month you will die. Fatal familial insomnia is a rare condition in which the sufferer can’t sleep and dies within the month

For us this won’t be a problem.Weight loss strategies, sleep

Reduced sleep has been implicated in other issues such as reduced immune response. A study was conducted on students receiving Hepatitis vaccines. Those who’s sleep was disturbed had a 75% reduce immune response, so much so that they were considered not to be immunised.

We are more concerned though about the effect of sleep disturbances on weight gain.

Our hunger is controlled by two hormones ghrelin, appetite stimulating hormones, and leptin, and appetite reducing hormone. Sleep disturbances increase the levels of ghrelin and reduce leptin. So people who don’t sleep enough are more likely to be hungry, and put on weight.

A very interesting article on leptin can be found at Health Ambition’s article Leptin: What Is It & Why Should We Care?

Children between six and nine who had less than 10 hours sleep are up to 250% more ,likely to be obese.

A short nap between 2 and 4 pm has also shown to have a marked effect on our energy levels and reduced appertite in the afternoon. The nap should not be more than 10 to 15 minutes

So the final conclusion is to sleep properly, around 7 hours. Do not use sleeping tablets because they disturb your natural sleep patterns, the REM sleep in particular.

Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, Why Diets Fail

This article on weight loss strategies, why diets fail we will investigate a number of reasons for diets to fail. In order to be successful we need to know the mistakes and problems other who have travelled this road experience. We can use their mistakes to make sure we don’t make the same. Once we know others mistakes we can create ideas and strategies that take them into consideration and avoid them.

This article will deal with three of the most relevant.

The What the hell effect
Most studies have shown that dieting leads to weight gain! Frontiers of Psychology investigators reported 15 out of 20 studies showed weight gain through dieting.Weight loss strategies, why diets fail, what the hell effect

That is staggering. The problem is that the dieter is committed to the diet but once they fall off the wagon they think, “what the hell” and binge. They then undo all their hard work.

This in a fairly big topic so I have a full article on it here (Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, Why Diets Fail, The What The Hell Effect)

Ironic processing
Many diets eliminate certain foods, such as in Noakes’, Real Meal Revolution, and his lists. These then become the foods you crave the most. Dieting in this way will always result in food preoccupation. It even has a name in psychology, Ironic processing. Look at this page for greater detail and solutions to this problem. (Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, Why Diets Fail, Ironic Processing)

Weight Loss Strategies, Why Diets Fail, Mental FatigueMental fatigue
Worrying about what you eat and what you are allowed to eat, from which list and how much, weighing your food etc distracts the dieter. They get racked by guilt and thoughts of “Why did I eat that”, “what can I eat to make up for that” etc. Over thinking food choices has a serious knock on affect on the rest of your life, until you get to the point of, “I can’t do this any more” and you give up. There are a number of studies demonstrating this effect, one interesting one on chocolate, on this page. (Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, Why Diets Fail, Mental Fatigue)

In my eBook I do as much as possible to ensure we do not fall into any of these traps and pitfalls.

Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, Food Journal

Weight loss strategies, food journal, is an important, possibly essential tool in our weight loss tool box.

Almost all nutritionist will ask you to create a food journal. The goal is two part, the first to see what you eat and the other is to help you stay on course.

Weight Loss Strategies, Food Journal

To see what we eat is important so that we can eliminate the “bad stuff”. Everyone underestimates the amount and type of food we eat. I have it everyday at the pharmacy. “I don’t eat a lot, I don’t eat badly”, but they are not losing any weight. You cannot eat correctly, including portion site and not lose weight.

Keeping on track is again because we underestimates what we eat. When it is written down we can see where we are going wrong and correct it. It makes us honest and shows commitment to the cause.

People using a food diary double their weight loss compared to those who don’t provided that they are consistent and they keep it up.

It would appear that logging what you eat would be an easy process, however there are some barriers and pitfalls to the process.

These Strategies will help to turn the tedious process into a winning formula.

Be positive.

As with all things in our lives, only the positive people succeed. Thinking you are going to fail is a self fulfilling prophecy. An informal study found that people who recorded accurately for just 7 days were 88 percent more likely to lose weight.

Methods and goals should match.

If you have a simple goal of eating more fruit say, then a pen and paper diary is more than adequate. If you want a more detailed tracking system, counting calories, fibre etc then you are going to need a web based app. (android and iphone) I have an android phone and I use this app.

The 7 P’s (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance)

Planning your meals in advance always seems such a drag. Every month I promise myself that I will plan all the meals in advance. The advantages are huge. By planning the meals you know exactly what you are eating, saves money by only buying what you need and, the biggest thing, no more “What are we going to eat tonight?”. Another advantage is that if you know what you are going to eat you are far more likely to stick to the plan. Planning your meals will also allow you to take into considerations upcoming events such as weddings and parties.

A miss step is not the end of the world

If you fall down and eat something that you feel guilty about, do not let it completely conqueror you. Take it for what it is, a little set back. Do not say “I’ve broken my diet I might as well eat the whole cake.” It is fine to have these little hiccups along the way, everyone has them.


Set reminders on your phone to ensure you fill in the journal. Set an alarm for a few minutes after you are destined to have a meal, eg if you eat breakfast at 6am, set an alarm for 6:20am. Once it has become a habit you can switch it off.

Don’t scrimp on information.

When entering the food that you ate and how much, add in extra notes. These will give context to the meal and provide you with a clue as to why you had the extra doughnut on that day. Enter things like the weather, if it is cold we tend to eat more, how you are feeling, if we are down we may comfort eat a little more, and women should record if they are having a period or not, hormonal changes can affect our eating habits.

I hope you found this useful. Share it with your friends, share it on Facebook.


Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, Commitment

In our various weight loss strategies, commitment must rate as one of the most important.

All things we do at the Banting Lifestyle are aimed at long term lifestyle changes. This will obviously require commitment from us in the form of changing our mindset, making healthy choices etc.

As with everything I try to teach in these pages we do not want to stress our lives more than we have to so we have to commit to a slow long term strategy of changes to our lifestyle.

In theory we want to change one thing at a time until that becomes a habit and we can then forget about it and move to the next thing. Once it is a habit it will stay as part of our lives naturally.

Weightloss Strategies,Commitment1. Make a commitment
We want lifelong weight loss which requires lifelong commitment. So we have to mentally prepare ourselves for the challenge. If you have the right reasons it will be a lot easier. These reasons should be selfish reasons, for yourself because you will never maintain this lifestyle if it not what you want.

While you are planning your Banting Lifestyle try to reduce the stress by addressing the other areas of stress in your life, relationship and financial being the biggest two. Sorting these 2 out will allow you to focus more on a healthier lifestyle which in turn will increase your ability to deal with other stresses in your life.

2. Get motivatedWeightloss strategies, commitment and motivation
Doing this for yourself is the only way to stay motivated, and as you are the only one that can make you lose weight you need to find your motivation. Find what is going to make you stay on course. Make a list of important things to you. Put them on the doors to temptation, the fridge and the pantry. Make sure they are always positive. Only positive people succeed!!

Weightloss strategies, commitment and support3. Support
Try to get support from others. We are a communal species and we are far more successful when working in a group. Try to get your partner to join in with the meal plans, exercise etc. Get them to listen and not give advice, just listen. It need not be your partner it can be a group of your friends that form a support group.

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