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16 Common Pitfalls For Banting Diet Failure

These are the common pitfalls for Banting Diet failure and how we can overcome them.

In our Banting plan we are aiming not just to lose weight but to keep it off as well. That is why we call it a lifestyle and not a diet. This post will help you identify possible pitfalls that may trip you up.

There are 16 common problems.

  1. No time for healthy eating. “Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to make time for illness”. Control your eating habits will help you get control of your life and do away with Common Pitfalls For Banting Diet Failure - no timethe headless chicken feeling.
  2. Obsessive (all or nothing). You have classified your foods as good and bad. Anything that tastes good must be bad for you! This is not the case. Look carefully at your food choices. Once a week have a cheat day.
  3. You deserve this food. Women generally have an unhealthy relationship with food, resulting in feelings of “I’m upset, I deserve this cake”. The food does not fix the problem and you soon feel bad about eating therefor compounding the problem. Find a healthy snack. Strangely enough a small piece of chocolate is a good thing.
  4. Wanting to eat the treats. Not trying too hard because you do want to eat those cookies and you don’t want to offend. It is acceptable to refuse food. It may be on religious grounds, ie fasting eg don’t eat egg on a Friday.
  5. Office treats. Office traditions can be a problem. If you can’t say no, then take a small portion. There is no need to eat half a cake. A small portion will relieve the peer pressure.Common Pitfalls For Banting Diet Failure - office feeding
  6. Procrastination eating. When you are bored, have nothing to do or are waiting for someone or something, the devil and idle hands can be a problem. Find something to do, read a book, message someone on your phone.
  7. Party pooper. You feel the need to eat so as not to put a dampener on the festivities of others. Again it is acceptable to refuse food. You are not responsible for other peoples happiness.
  8. Old eating habits in company of family. Family gatherings can be a minefield of problems. Pressure from gran etc. You are a product of your parents so chances are that if you were overweigth it was something you learned from them. It is easy to sip back into those habits when they are around. By being aware of the problem, fore warned is fore armed.
  9. Feeling deprived. This is another food relationship issue. You should no feel that you are being deprived. Think of the new foods in a positive light and try to pictures the less healthy food in a bad light. A cheat day is essential.
  10. Family must not suffer because of my diet. This should not be seen as being a chore or you will never maintain it. By choosing healthy eating habits you are not depriving your family but ensuring their long term health.
  11. Eating out. If this is not a regular habit then just enjoy the food, however if it happens 2 or 3 times a week then you will need to be vigilant as to what you are eating. Remember to reduce the carbs as much as possible. A doggie bag is a must to reduce the quantity eaten.
  12. Not in control of what you eat. When travelling, going on conference etc you can ask for the foods that you wish to eat. Do not be afraid of making your wishes known. You don’t need to elaborate. The catering staff are used to having to deal with allergies and religious requirements.
  13. Common Pitfalls For Banting Diet Failure - holiday eatingHoliday eating. This is the same as above if you are going to stay on hotels. If you are self catering then you can choose the correct foods. If you are touring and will have to purchase food for lunch then try make it a high protein lunch as this will full you for longer and are then less likely to snack. Make sure you carry healthy snacks with you to prevent pigging Common Pitfalls For Banting Diet Failure, off the railsout on purchased food.
  14. Tired of the effort required. If the diet is becoming a chore then you have to re-examine a few things. The lifestyle is supposed to be easy to follow with very little extra effort. You will also have to examine your mindset. This is a lifetime change.
  15. I’ll start again tomorrow. If you fall off the wagon don’t take the attitude ‘well I messed up I might as well stop and try again tomorrow”. You cannot do that if you are running Comrades so don’t do it on the diet. Get back up, accept that you made a mistake, but resolve not to again and carry on with the lifestyle
  16. Can’t get back on track. If you keep eating badly then you need to go back to the drawing board. Look at you willingness to get involved.

Banting Diet Hazards for Children

Banting Diet hazards for children was stimulated by

Real Meal Revolution for children ‘a great risk’

This is a comment on ‘The Real Meal Revolution’ by Noakes et al and does not pertain to ‘The Banting Lifestyle’ that I promote.
Banting Diet Hazards for Children, fat child
The subject being children tends to result in high emotions that cloud good judgement. Often when trying to make a point people overstate the problem and give theoretical outcomes which are highly exaggerated.

The accusers of Noakes say that his ‘The Real Meal Revolution’ can result in heart problems, kidney stones and gall bladder problems. This is an extreme case that is very unlikely.

Noakes on the other hand seems to be incredibly obstinate unable to see that he may be wrong. This will be his undoing.

I want to get away from the emotions of both sides and focus on the facts.

Fact 1:
Paediatric nutrition is not the same as adult nutrition. So you cannot just take an adult eating plan and scale it down for children.

Children have a much higher energy requirement than adults. The bodies are still developing and growing so their need for vitamins, calcium, iron and trace nutrients are totally different from adults. The two metabolisms and nutrient requirements are as different as two species of animals. You cannot give a cat a dogs diet and expect it to flourish. Same with kids. So Noakes cannot simply implement his Meal Revolution onto youngsters without a great deal of modification to it. One sizes cannot fit all.

Following the Real Meal Revolution diet strictly would result on cutting out large classes of fruits and vegetables which would then exclude too many vitamins, minerals proteins and fibre. The carbohydrates in the fruits is not refined and has to be broken down before it is used, ie low GI. This is not the same as refined carbohydrates that are found in processed foods.

Fact 2:
Obesity amongst children is a major modern health problem.
Banting Diet Hazards for Children, fat baby

Although children have a high energy requirement due to lifestyle changes and very poor eating habits the level of obesity in children is on the increase.

Too many children are sitting behind a computer instead of being outside playing sport etc. I am guilty of that, I run, cycle etc but my son sits behind his computer playing games with his friends in the UK. I, of course, blame his mother for that.

So this fact show we cannot continue the old diet for kids of today either.

As an example of two of the problems with the Real Meal Revolution we have all grains being forbidden in, but these are high in B vitamins and fibre, limited quantities of carrots and butternut are allowed, these are a good source of Vitmain A in the form of beta carotene, essential for good vision in the developing child.

Other issues are with the very high amounts of fats and protein. The protein can be a problem for the kidneys and the fats increase the risk of gall bladder problems. The diet may also cause a selenium deficiency which is essential for the heart muscles

The WorldBanting Diet Hazards for Children, baby messy Health Organisation recommends that the diets of infants between the age of six and 24 months should be comprised of about six percent protein and between 30 percent and 45 percent fat with the remainder coming from carbohydrates which are the proportions of breast milk. Since we have evolved this health drink for our children over the last few 100 000 years I think it is a formula we should stick to.
Banting Diet Hazards for Children, baby food
I would recommend a type of Banting Lifestyle for children with an increased fruit and vegetable intake. Whole grains are also acceptable. All processed foods should be avoided, no added sugars, no low fat high sugar yoghurts, look for natural unsweetened ones instead.

The biggest recommendation is to get the children away from the TV and out in the garden. I was never allowed to stay in the house as a child. It was always, “Go outside and play”. Encourage sport, and all types of exercises. A sedentary life style at this age is a long term recipe for disaster.

Banting Diet, Colon Cancer and Dietary Fibre

As with all things there are disadvantages to the Banting Diet, Colon Cancer and Dietary Fibre.

Colon (colorectal) canBanting Diet, Colon Cancer and Dietary Fibrecer is one of those preventable cancers. It requires correct eating habits as a general rule.

There are two main dietary causes of colon cancer

  1. Dietary fibre
  2. Intestinal flora, microbes or microbionta

In this article we are going to discuss the dietary fibre, where we get it and is it missing in the Banting Diet and my Banting Lifestyle?

Fibre has two basic forms,

  1. soluble, able to be dissolved in water
  2. insoluble, cannot be dissolved in water


They are both made from indigestible plant carbohydrates, which immediately makes them a probem for Banting.

They are the structures of the plant, the cell walls etc. They don’t get digested and therefore have no effect on our energy input, so will still be an acceptable part of out Banting Lifestyle.

Although they are energy neutral they are essential to our digestive health.

Soluble fibres dissolve in water and form gels which sow the stomach empting and therefore make us feel full for longer. They also reduce the speed of absorption of foods reducing the sugar spikes and insulin release allowing for a more stable sugar levels.

Soluble fibre is found in citrus fruits, berries, oat products and beans. Many of these are not considered Banting friendly.

Insoluble fibres do not dissolve in water at all and pass through the digestive tract whole. They promote regular bowel movements by physically stimulating the bowel’s. They are essential to prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

They are found in whole grains such as wheat, rye and brown rice and are also found in a variety of vegetables. Again these are not Banting recommended foods.

As you can see Banting does not encourage fibre in the diet. This is a major fault in the diet, so in the Banting Lifestyle we have encouraged the use of fruit and other fibre rich foods.

Banting Diet and the Dangers of Vitamins

This article is about dangers of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Most of us have heard about free radicals and how they are not good for us. Well, this has been proved wrong over the last few years. With the advancement of new diagnostic tools and the ability to genetically modify animals science has been able to show that antioxidants when taken directly are harmfulDangers of vitamins - antioxidants.

There are a number of studies that have shown antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and betacarotene will reduce your life span.

This article is about why it is better to eat fresh fruit and vegetables rather than take a supplement and the dangers of vitamins.

Many studies have shown that people who eat a lot of fresh fruit and Vegetables are healthier than those who don’t. Scientists looked at the plants and determined that the antioxidants in the plant were the beneficial ingredients and they then created the vitamin supplements we have today. The story however is not so simple. The use of antioxidant supplements swamp the cell mechanisms. The negative feedback of the free radicals is essential. The free radicals are harmful by products metabolism, which are mopped by the free radicals. This is a case of more is not better.

A very simplified version of what happening is that the plant itself is that is required and not the antioxidants.

Because plants cannot evade predators so it produces insecticides to deter the insect. It is these insecticides that cause micro-damage to the cells. The cells are then stimulated to repair themselves, which then results in a stronger cleaned up cell. It is like a muscle. In order to build muscle we do exercises which cause micro-tears in the muscle which are then repaired and they grow.

It is called hormesis, or a biphasic response. This means the response increases as the concentration increases to a point then it drops off and can become toxic if the concentration goes too high.

An ingredient in curies, curcumin, is a prime example of hormesis. It has a fantastic effect on the brain, preventing the affects of hyperactivity of strokes. Countries where curries and garlic are widely consumed have better brain function in the aged. It does not work as an antioxidant directly. It calls in the enzymes required to protect against the free radicals. This is the reason using anti-oxidants directly do not work and are harmful. Stimulating the body to fix itself gets the job done correctly.

Do not take supplements except, fish oil for the Omega 3 and vitamin B for stress.

Metabolic Syndrome and the Banting Diet

Metabolic syndrome is an energy utilisationmetabolic syndrome and storage disorder if you have 3 out of 5 conditions, abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high fasting glucose levels, high triglycerides, and low high-density cholesterol (HDL) levels. Also known as metabolic syndrome X, cardio-metabolic syndrome, syndrome X, insulin resistance syndrome, Reaven’s syndrome (named for Gerald Reaven), and CHAOS (in Australia). Metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes are the same disorder.

What a load of rubbish!

The definition of disorder “is a disturbance in physical or mental health or functions; malady or dysfunction:” according to the All of the above conditions except for maybe, blood pressure (and there is a case to be made against that as well) and low high-density cholesterol (HDL) levels, are not disorders. They are not dysfunctions of anything. All the body functions are normal.

The problem is the persons lifestyle.

metabolic syndrome

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Lets go through each of the conditions.

  1. Abdominal obesity. This is the ‘beer belly’, ‘the spare tyre’, etc. This is only from eating too much and not enough exercise. A direct result of a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. High blood pressure. As we get older so our blood pressure increases, so the theory goes. To a point this may be true, but as we get older, we do less exercise, eat more, and put on weight. All of those increase blood pressure. So lifestyle again.
  3. High fasting glucose. This is generally, due to people being overweight and eating the wrong foods. My sons mother when she was pregnant with him, she developed pregnancy induced diabetes, diagnosed by a high fasting glucose. She was eating everything in sight. When she settled down and eat healthy meals the problem disappeared.
  4. High triglycerides. ‘Triglycerides are the main constituents of vegetable oil (typically more unsaturated) and animal fats (typically more saturated)’ from WikiPedia. Again this is from the diet, incorrect eating.
  5. Low high-density cholesterol (HDL) levels. This is the only condition that cannot be related in anyway to diet or lifestyle.

So the answer to Metabolic Syndrome, is to get up and change your lifestyle. Eat a healthy diet and do some exercise. Just walking two hours a week will reduce your cardiovascular risk by 53% and losing weight by 43%.

The Banting Diet or Banting Lifestyle will change your life and ‘cure’ you of the Metabolic Syndrome. Do not believe that you are a victim of this condition or you will never believe that you can overcome it.

Banting Diet Weight Loss Pitfalls, Artificial Sweeteners

This is a bit of a controversial subject, weight loss pitfalls artificial sweeteners. The facts however are beyond doubt, at least for me.

We do not know all the effects our actions cause, particularly regarding our bodies. Every action results in some reaction and often in the most unusual and unexpected ways. Weight loss pitfalls, artificial sweeteners is one of them. Another is the effects of antioxidants, but that is for another post.

There has always been a question of artificial sweeteners being partly responsible for the obesity epidemic.

Professor Noakes in the ‘Real Meal Revolution’ encourages the use of artificial sweeteners. I have always had doubts about them

Initially I was concerned about aspartane and it’s link to cancer. This has been disproved but the lingering doubts remained. It did not seem to be too intelligent to add foreign chemicals to your body.

This doubt has now been confirmed. In the Scientific American (April 2015) there is an article on this very subject.

It includes my other favourite topic, the human microbiota, the microbes (bacteria and fungi living mainly in the large intestine). These microbes are responsible for the metabolism of food, breaking it down and allowing us to absorb it.

Israeli scientist have discovered that the gut microbiota is altered by the use of sweeteners. There are two broad class of bacteria in the gut (see at the end of the article for the names). One class promotes obesity if the is an abundance of them in the gut. There needs to be a balance between the two in order for there to be a normal weight.

The obesity bacteria are more efficient at extracting energy from foods and they trigger our genes that cause us to store the fats instead of breaking it down for energy. It is believed that these bacteria shape our eating patterns by altering our hormones, leptin, that are released when we have eaten enough.Weight loss pitfalls artificial sweeteners gut microbiota

The sweeteners change the balance of the two classes of bacteria, increasing the obesity bacteria. This leads to an increase in the carbohydrate uptake, increasing blood glucose, increasing insulin resistance as the cells try to protect themselves from too much insulin. There is also an increase in the conversion and storage as fats.

So although it may seem that artificial sweeteners are the holy grail of taste and weight loss, they are in fact the complete opposite.

My recommendation is ban all artificial sweeteners of all types from your Banting Diet. Try to have no sugar if you can. If you can’t substitute honey for sugar where ever possible. If that is not possible rather have sugar, brown preferably. It was shown in the experiment that mice fed on sugar were thinner than the mice fed on the sweeteners.

Protect your microbiome by eating correctly, Banting Diet/Lifestyle, and exercising. Get out in the open as much as possible. Do not use anti-biotic soaps, do not take anti-biotics unless absolutely necessary, anti-biotic for cold and flu is a waste of time. Think carefully before taking them. Make sure you take a good pro-biotic one hour after taking an antibiotic.

The two classes of bacteria are Bacteriodes and Firmicutes (obesity promoting). As people lose weight the balance between these changes with Bacteriodes increasing.


Weight loss pitfalls artificial sweeteners bacteriodesWeight loss pitfalls artificial sweeteners firmicutes

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