Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, NEAT

This is a really neat Diet Weight Loss Strategies, NEAT. How to increase your energy output without going to the gym.

Weight loss strategies, NEAT Not

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Successful weight loss requires sustainable changes to your lifestyle which is what we advocate in the Banting Diet or Banting Lifestyle. The concept of NEAT, Non-Exercise Activity Thermodynamics, is one of the ways to achieve this without too much perceived effort. In reality there is a fairly large increase in energy output but it is spread out over the day and you are not conscious of it.

If we break down the concept

  • Non-Exercise Activity – not actively doing any exercise, such as going to gym or running etc. It is the exercise we do in living our daily lives.
  • Thermodynamics – is energy output and input.

So we are trying to increase our energy output by changing small things in our daily lives. This is a very powerful concept that can make a huge difference in our lives, not only in weight loss but also in our overall health.

Weight loss strategies, NEATThere is always that one person we know, no matter what they eat they never put on weight. These people have listen to their bodies and instinctively do things to increase their NEAT.

To increase out NEAT we have to be aware of our choices. Examine your everyday life, and see what you can do to increase your energy output. Some examples areWeight loss strategies, NEAT

  • Never take the elevator, always take the stairs.
  • Park at the far end of the parking lot and walk to the shops
  • Carry your own parcels, try not to use a trolley
  • Walk to a colleges desk to discuss something rather than email
  • Stand as often as possible, try not to sit. An example would be when in a queue stand don’t sit if there are chairs rather stand.

The most important thing to do is to move as much as possible, walk every where, walk with purpose don’t amble, stand whenever you can.


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