Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, Why Diets Fail, Mental Fatigue

Banting Diet weight loss strategies, why diets fail, mental fatigue is a big problem. When the creators of diet plans start planning they try to take as many problems as they can and have a rule for each. This ends up in a complicated, energy sapping diet. They can then write a book and charge a lot. The more complicated the diet, the bigger the book, and the more expensive it is. Support for the diet can also be charged for.

Every change we make in our life causes stress and requires energy to implement.Weight loss strategies, why diets fail, mental fatigue

When the foods are restricted to groups and require thought and debate as to whether they are allowed increases this energy wastage. It can get so bad that the energy required to maintain the diet prevents you from carrying out other essential tasks, or it can lead to you abandoning the diet altogether saying it is too difficult.

Over thinking food choices make the dieting process more unpleasant and complicated than it should be resulting in more drop outs.

Another problem is when you eat outside of the restricted foods, thoughts such as, ‘why did I eat that’, ‘what can I eat to compensate’ etc increases your stress levels. These result in the “What the hell effect” as well as “Ironic Processing“.

Research in 2010 showed women who had a restricted diet had increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol increases your weight gain.

With our Banting Lifestyle we have ways to counter these issues. Banting Lifestyle tries to make life as simple and as easy as possible without too many rules and list of foods colour coded. Is this in the green list is never a question or a stress that we encounter.

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