Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, Commitment

In our various weight loss strategies, commitment must rate as one of the most important.

All things we do at the Banting Lifestyle are aimed at long term lifestyle changes. This will obviously require commitment from us in the form of changing our mindset, making healthy choices etc.

As with everything I try to teach in these pages we do not want to stress our lives more than we have to so we have to commit to a slow long term strategy of changes to our lifestyle.

In theory we want to change one thing at a time until that becomes a habit and we can then forget about it and move to the next thing. Once it is a habit it will stay as part of our lives naturally.

Weightloss Strategies,Commitment1. Make a commitment
We want lifelong weight loss which requires lifelong commitment. So we have to mentally prepare ourselves for the challenge. If you have the right reasons it will be a lot easier. These reasons should be selfish reasons, for yourself because you will never maintain this lifestyle if it not what you want.

While you are planning your Banting Lifestyle try to reduce the stress by addressing the other areas of stress in your life, relationship and financial being the biggest two. Sorting these 2 out will allow you to focus more on a healthier lifestyle which in turn will increase your ability to deal with other stresses in your life.

2. Get motivatedWeightloss strategies, commitment and motivation
Doing this for yourself is the only way to stay motivated, and as you are the only one that can make you lose weight you need to find your motivation. Find what is going to make you stay on course. Make a list of important things to you. Put them on the doors to temptation, the fridge and the pantry. Make sure they are always positive. Only positive people succeed!!

Weightloss strategies, commitment and support3. Support
Try to get support from others. We are a communal species and we are far more successful when working in a group. Try to get your partner to join in with the meal plans, exercise etc. Get them to listen and not give advice, just listen. It need not be your partner it can be a group of your friends that form a support group.

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