Banting Diet Weight Loss Strategies, The Bodies Natural Rhythms

The mechanism that governs our bodies natural rhythms is called the circadian clock. Every living organism on this planet has one, from the most primitive to the most complex.

CyanobacteriumThe most primitive living organism on the earth is the Cyanobacterium, single celled blue-green algae. They obtain energy from the sun using photosynthesis. Just before sunrise it’s internal clock primes the algae to get ready for the day, allowing it to harvest sunlight as soon as the sun starts to shine. This gives it an advantage over an organism that waits for the sun to shine before getting ready.

We of course have evolved a little from the single celled organism, I sometimes wonder though. I, along with many others, thought there was only a single circadian clock located in the brain. This then controlled all the body rhythms according to sunlight and the seasons. Thinking back now, it does seem too simple a solution.

The truth of the matter is that there are clocks throughout the body in all the various organs. For us, Banting and weight loss people, the clocks we aBodies natural rhythms - circadian clocksre interested in are located in the liver, the pancreas and the adipose (fat) tissue.

Something I had heard others say, but never worried about, was when to eat. “Don’t eat at night”, “Have your main meal at lunch” etc. It seems they were correct even though they had no idea why.

It has to do with the timing, ha ha, of the release of various hormones to make use of the food, energy, intake. What this means is, the body may not be in the state to use the food correctly. It may be in a resting state and thus any food intake will be converted to fats and stored instead of being used for daily living.

So what we want to do is to eat at a time when the body is most active and will use the food for the daily running of it’s various functions. We do not want to store the food, obviously.

Optimal times to eat would be to have your main meal before 3pm. For most of us working this is a bit of a problem. I am not sure how they do it in Spain, where the main meal is around midday. I have more of a problem as I fetch my son from school and drop him at home at 3pm. So my lunch hour is spent driving.

 So the only way to do this is to take a big lunch to work and have a small meal as soon as you can when you get home.Bodies Natural Rhythms Biological clock

Once again, please do no use this as an excuse for not losing weight. “My circadian clock is out, that is why I’m overweight”. As always we are responsible for what we eat and when we eat. Take control of your life by taking responsibility for everything you do.


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