Banting Diet and the Dangers of Vitamins

This article is about dangers of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Most of us have heard about free radicals and how they are not good for us. Well, this has been proved wrong over the last few years. With the advancement of new diagnostic tools and the ability to genetically modify animals science has been able to show that antioxidants when taken directly are harmfulDangers of vitamins - antioxidants.

There are a number of studies that have shown antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and betacarotene will reduce your life span.

This article is about why it is better to eat fresh fruit and vegetables rather than take a supplement and the dangers of vitamins.

Many studies have shown that people who eat a lot of fresh fruit and Vegetables are healthier than those who don’t. Scientists looked at the plants and determined that the antioxidants in the plant were the beneficial ingredients and they then created the vitamin supplements we have today. The story however is not so simple. The use of antioxidant supplements swamp the cell mechanisms. The negative feedback of the free radicals is essential. The free radicals are harmful by products metabolism, which are mopped by the free radicals. This is a case of more is not better.

A very simplified version of what happening is that the plant itself is that is required and not the antioxidants.

Because plants cannot evade predators so it produces insecticides to deter the insect. It is these insecticides that cause micro-damage to the cells. The cells are then stimulated to repair themselves, which then results in a stronger cleaned up cell. It is like a muscle. In order to build muscle we do exercises which cause micro-tears in the muscle which are then repaired and they grow.

It is called hormesis, or a biphasic response. This means the response increases as the concentration increases to a point then it drops off and can become toxic if the concentration goes too high.

An ingredient in curies, curcumin, is a prime example of hormesis. It has a fantastic effect on the brain, preventing the affects of hyperactivity of strokes. Countries where curries and garlic are widely consumed have better brain function in the aged. It does not work as an antioxidant directly. It calls in the enzymes required to protect against the free radicals. This is the reason using anti-oxidants directly do not work and are harmful. Stimulating the body to fix itself gets the job done correctly.

Do not take supplements except, fish oil for the Omega 3 and vitamin B for stress.

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