Advantages of Banting Diet, Foods to Reduce Cholesterol

Banting Diet, foods to reduce cholesterol, are there foods within the Banting Lifestyle that reduce cholesterol. After all the fear and hype about increased cholesterol due to the Banting Diet’s use of fats as an energy source, are there such foods for us, and should we even bother?

Although we have seen that cholesterol is no longer considered to be a problem it still does not hurt to reduce your cholesterol levels just in case. This can be achieved within the Banting diet or Banting Lifestyle.

These are five food types that will reduce your cholesterol through one or other mechanism. This is from an article emailed to me from the Harvard Medical School.

Banting Diet, Foods to Reduce Cholesterol, oats

  1. Oats. A great way to start your day. Oat meal or cold oat-based cereal. They are both high in soluble fibre giving you about one to two grams. Add some fruit such as strawberries or a banana to make up to 2.5 grams.
  2. Banting Diet, Foods to Reduce Cholesterol, beansBeans. Another food high in soluble fibre. They are just about a perfect food dieting, being low GI they take a long time to be digested by the body making you full for longer. Versatility is their middle name, with thousands of ways to prepare them, and there is an incredibly huge choice, from kidney beans to lentils, garbanzos, black-eyed peas (not the singing group). So beans are high in fibre, calcium, and iron, also a great source of protein. They provide almost full compliment of essential amino acids needed by humans.
  3. Nuts. There are endless studies showing the benefits of certain nuts on the heart. In particular walnuts, almonds and peanuts. About 50 grams a day will lower LDL by about 5%. Apart from that there are numerous other nutrients in nuts that contribute to our overall health.Banting Diet, Foods to Reduce Cholesterol, nuts
  4. Sterols and stanols. These are extracts from plants. Their listing here is because they prevent the absorption of cholesterol by the body. They have been added to certain foods but I wouldn’t spend too much time looking for them. They can also be taken as a supplement. I have never taken them but I would imagine that they would have to be taken with a meal.
  5. Banting Diet, Foods to Reduce Cholesterol, fatty fishFatty fish. One of my favourite food. They are high in Omega-3 which has been shown to lower LDL. They have an anti-inflammatory effect on the blood vessel walls and the heart preventing strokes and heart attacks. They have numerous other beneficial effects on the body. I take an Omega-3 supplement every day.

So although cholesterol is not the huge bad gorilla sitting in the corner waiting to rip your heart out, for peace of mind it is probably a good idea to feed him a banana every now and then to make sure he keeps quiet. These 5 foods should do that and they will make your doctor and insurance company happy.


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